Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Viking Journey consider PIF?

With the help of the Passenger Information Form (PIF), you can get your bookings done, make your travel documents, and book your aircraft tickets. Therefore, it is important to submit your FRP for every member who is traveling with you immediately. 

What comes under the libation policy for sea voyages on My Viking Journey?

On My Viking Journey, you can enjoy a huge variety of beverages with beer, wine, and various soft drinks, along with your meal for a single person in a day. And for this, you must choose the Silver Spirits package costing around $27.00. You won’t be charged anything if you bring a bottle of wine or liquor on the ship yourself.

Is smoking allowed on the ship?

On My Viking Journey, special decks are assigned for visitors to smoke if they want to. As on its ships, the use of fire isn’t there. So the visitors can go to Deck 8. Also, in the other areas of the boat, there are specific non-smoking areas along with the cabin and deck. Electronic cigarettes are also included under the no-smoking rule.

What are the safety measures taken by My Viking Journey ahead of COVID-19?

My Viking Journey has joined hands with a worldwide team of medical and scientific specialists to initiate the making of a deeply researched and detailed COVID-19 preventive and mitigation plan for travelers. So, you can visit the official website and book your vacation now.

Is it possible to carry my alcoholic beverage while traveling on a plane?

You can purchase alcohol and beverages on the ship as well as when you are onshore. Also, there’s another option to buy the beverage from the ship’s shop. You can also consume alcoholic beverages at the guest’s stateroom and in public places, including restaurants. Also, you wouldn’t be charged extra bucks for using the corkage box on My Viking Journey.

Can I make purchases with my credit card while on vacation?

While on the My Viking Journey, you can pay in the major hotel or restaurants via Mastercard or American Express.

Your credit card might need to be fixed when you are at remote locations or small establishments. In this case, you must update your credit card company about your travel schedule earlier, as the chip and pin cards are needed at foreign ATMs. Also, take care that On-the-go systems and magnetic stripe cards may be inaccessible there. To get more details, you can contact your Credit card company.

Do I need to purchase any extra tickets while traveling by air?

The My Viking Journey’s Air purchase and all the renewal packages contain free transfers for you. So, while flying intra-route, you will not have to buy additional tickets.

How is My Viking Journey’s online portal useful?

My Viking Journey is quite a user portal, and it is  accessed for the following purposes by Viking Journey:

  • With My Viking Journey, they refresh the information of their travelers.
  • Customers can visit the official website and get information about their flights.
  • The customers can also know about the services they can get on the ship, including the dining options and spa treatments.
  • You can also create copies of all your documents and your cruise itinerary.
  • Keep in mind to carefully complete all your payments with the help of an official bank account.