My Viking Journey provides detailed and comprehensive information regarding your flights, lodging, transfers, itineraries, deck layouts, and accessible shore excursions, which you can easily spot in the recent brochure of My Viking Journey. 

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  • With My Viking Journey, you can collect points and awards, get updates regarding your trip, book your travel firsthand, and decide the travel activities.
  • To stay updated with all the latest information, visit My Viking Journey’s official website now and make reservations for future trips.

How To Login Into  My Viking Journey

You can log in to My Viking Journey by following these steps in a sequence:

  • Start by opening the official website.
  • You can spot the login box on the right side of the website. Now, tap on “Login” on the drop-down menu.
  • To complete the login process, you must also provide your email address.
  • No, tap the Login button at the bottom on the right side.
  • Hence, you are done with the login process.

Once you log in on the official website, there are many services you can avail of being a member of My Viking Journey club. The official portal My Viking Journey helps you to explore the world’s most famous tourist spots. 

Services offered by My Viking Journey

1- Personalize and Plan your trip

My Viking Journey will also provide a facility to personalize and properly plan your trip earlier. 

2- Check your activities for the trip earlier

On My Viking Journey, you can learn about all the activities and services you can do on your vacation, which is advantageous.

3- Explore a wide range of tourist attractions

You can book and visit new places with My Viking Journey and also check for the services that will be provided to you. Then, just with the help of a few clicks, you can book your excursion, request client details, and get access to all other essential details.


How can I change the My Viking Journey password?

In case you have lost your login password, then you may follow the steps given below to change your password:

  • Firstly, you must visit the official website.
  • Tap on the Login button; while logging in, click “Forgot your email?” 
  • Now, complete filling in all your details, such as your first and large name, reservation number, and the date you want to select for your departure.
  • Next, you must tap “Next” after entering all your information.
  • Now, you will receive your username via your email address.

What are the requirements for logging in on My Viking Journey?

You will require the following things to get done with My Viking Journey:

  • You will require a good and stable internet connection and a suitable web browser.
  • Your PC, cellphone, and tablet.
  • A correct Password and Username.
  • You can log in through the official website.

What to do if I lose My Viking Journey’s login password?

You can keep all your information secure by logging onto the official website. And in case you have lost your password, you can go through the following details:

  • Open the official website.
  • Click on “Login” by going to the drop-down menu. You may also reset your password by choosing “Forgot Your Password?/Reset Password”. 
  • Next, enter your email address after clicking on Forgot Password.
  • Now, you will also receive an email with a tap-in link. After this, you must tap on the safe connection and follow all the steps carefully to change your password.

How can I make my reservations on My Viking Journey?

You can book your reservations quite easily through My Viking Journey. And for that, you need to either visit the official website or download the mobile application of My Viking Journey through Google Play Store to make your bookings on a prior basis.


My Viking Journey is an online platform through which you can plan and customize all the activities you are willing to do on your vacation on a prior basis. Along with its online website, it has a mobile application to log in with your account username and password to plan your trip. On My Viking Journey, you can easily learn about the deck plans and graphic information about all the ports. So, log in to the official website and explore the world with the best and most affordable services from My Viking Journey.